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Acadmics : Vidya Shree Academy
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Vidya Shree Academy

Vidya Shree Academy is a non-profit organization and believes that education is a mission, not an occupation. It provides admission to the students with a view of better education on the minimum investment so as to promote education to all sections of society irrespective of creed.caste,race and religion.

Free Computer Education | Vidya Shree Academy
Free Computer Education

Today computer education is a need of our daily life. Academy does not charge any fee for the computer education and provides compulsory Elementary Computer Education to all students of class-I onwards.

Awards of The Academy | VSA Jaipur
Awards of The Academy

A. Best Student
B. Best Monitor
C. Highest Marks in the class
D. 100%Attendance
E. Best Player in Sports

Conveyance Facility

Conveyance facility is available at minimum charges from all parts of Jaipur city. Conveyance charges are to be borne by the parents


Academy Runs English Medium Classes - Play Group to XII (Science, Arts & Commerce) and
Hindi Medium Classes - IX to XII (Science, Arts & Commerce).
N.C.E.R.T. Syllabus is prescribed for English & Hindi Medium Classes.