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Fees Structure

Fees Structure : Vidya Shree Academy

Tuition Fees:
The details regarding the fees are given in the schedule on separate page.

Payment of Tution Fee:

1. Parents are requested to deposit tuition fee of their wards on or before I 0th of every month.
3. Fine of Rs. 50 will be charged from 11th of every month to l5th of every month and Rs.100 from 15th of every month to 20th of every month.
4. If tuition fee is not deposited even up to 20th of that month,the name of the student will be kept out of roll in the school & re-admission will be on the discretion of the school management and that too with a payment of re-admission fee.
5. Fine for absence will be charged @ Rs. 5.00 per delay day if it is willful and without any application with genuine reason.