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Principal Desk

Vidya Shree Academy Senior Secondary School is a modern school with a motto, “BEST EDUCATION with BEST MOTIVATION” which inculcates diligence to achieve intelligence in every walk of life of the students. The academy imparts a qualitative education by adopting all the latest modes and means of digital technology which is also a requirement of 21st century. Therefore , Vidya Shree Academy is a prime school in the immediate vicinity.

Vidya Shree Academy has been marching ahead since its foundation in the year 2002 with recognition from the Government of the Rajasthan as Primary and Upper Primary School in the year 2003, Secondary and Senior Secondary School with all faculties i.e. Science, Arts and Commerce along with other subjects in the year 2008 and 2010 respectively from the Rajasthan Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Ajmer. Now the academy is imparting education in English –Hindi Medium in all syllabi based on NCERT pattern for long.

The academy is a visionary Institution which looks forward and now concentrating upon the prime objective of personality development of the students. It is an agreement with the MASTER MIND Co. as to how to Write RIGHT which resulted a lot of qualitative improvement in English Handwriting of the students. Similarly , the spoken English has become a fashion in the Academy.
Last but not the Least, vidya Shree Academy has moved further a step ahead for its physical development also by having a suitable land in the vicinity for further accommodation in the year to come.

I hope that Vidya Shree Academy, a modern and a visionary school, would always be capable for your kind cooperation extended by you all the guardians, the parent and the VSA staff.